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We provide Dimensional Inspection Services Services such as First Article, Prototype Inspection, Lot Inspection, Gauge, Fixture Inspection and Tuning. Our setup is situated in Aurangabad, Maharashtra, India.

First Article / Prototype Inspection :

First we itemize all drawing dimensions ( if not already itemized ) then we create a layout database / spreadsheet of all itemized dimensions. Once the dimensional data is collected, the results are entered into the database / spreadsheet comparing the actual dimensions vs. drawing dimensions. The full layout, along with any necessary detailed sketches, are supplied in an easy to read format so that you may make decisions on the corrections, if any, that are required. At MTECH ways keep in mind what data is required for our customer to make the final evaluation.

Lot Inspection :

With you and your customers placing more and more emphasis on controlling the on-going process, it becomes increasingly difficult to ensure continuing conformance without performing 100% inspection on your product, which is really not feasible or cost effective in most cases. CNC CMM capabilities allow us to quickly and economically inspect large quantities of a given part or configuration. Whether itís a statistical sample for analysis or a set of critical features for the whole lot, we offer the confidence of doing it right the first time, on time !

Capability Studies :

To comply with the requirements of theIS0 & QS9000 standards, more and more customers require suppliers to have proven process capability ( CPK / PPK ). In order to achieve this, data is required. Using a CNC CMM part program to inspect parts at precisely the same location on each part, process variations are accurately measured. Using a sample size sufficient to emulate the population, statistical analysis can be applied to determine the control limits of any dimensional characteristics.

Gauge / Fixture Inspection and Tuning :

Gauges and fixtures need to be verified, not only before their initial use, but also at regular intervals thereafter. We will verify your fixtures or gauges to your specifications, giving you the confidence and full traceability you need. MTECH also tune your fixture / gauge into conformance using any adjustable hardware if need be. Gauges left too long between validations or even worse, not validated at all, can give false confidence in the conformance of the product they are used to gauge. Let us set your mind at ease.

Inspection to CAD Data :

Considering the entire manufacturing process begins with the master part model, it only makes sense to inspect the final product back to that very same part model. Using a surface model, sent via the internet , we will compare your actual part to the nominal CAD data and provide you with a graphic report showing the deviations between the actual part and the nominal CAD data ( surface data ). We can then use the measured data to perform a "Best-Fit" analyses showing the necessary shifts & rotations required to bring the part or point set into tolerance. The results of a best-fit analyses can often highlight one simple correction which will bring everything into tolerance rather than trying to correct several separate out of tolerance features.

Drawing Reviews for GD &T :

dimensional_inspection_clip_image003 The mould has been manufactured to the CAD surface model, the process has been refined, the parts look pretty good right ? Now comes the Dimensional Inspection Services. This may be the first time someone with extensive GD&T knowledge has really sat down and read the product drawing in detail. Let us sit down with your drawing and apply our experience. We'll report on, not only the validity of the GD&T, but also highlight problem areas or unused tolerance based on our knowledge of the particular process. We can save you money and headaches in the long run!